Esposil - Insta Crack Killer

The common causes of pavement deterioration and degradation are overloading, seepage, improper or poor road surface drainage, lack of proper road maintenance, adverse climatic conditions etc. Road distresses disturb and adversely affect the traffic flow and traffic safety leading to poor performance of the road. Identification of the road cracks at an early stage is essential as preventive road maintenance and effective remedial measures can be applied before the problem becomes too severe and the pavement fails. Proper, timely and selective road maintenance thus becomes an important principal which lengthens the life of the pavement and also reduces the cost of maintenance. Potholes are usually caused when the severity of cracks increases.

Esposil is a brown paste comprising of SBR (styrene, butadiene, rubber) based cold binder mixed with cement in the ratio of 2:1, specially designed to fill cracks at the initiation stage so as to prevent road failures at the onset.

Types of cracks

  • Fatigue or alligator cracks
  • Block cracking
  • Longitudinal and transverse cracking

Usage area

Cracks of all types can be mended with esposil.


  • Remove loose debris from crack
  • Binder and Filler in container
  • Mix Binder : Filler in 2 : 1 ratio
  • Mix Binder : Filler in 2 : 1 ratio
  • Mixing them to form paste
  • Apply paste on crack

Health and safety

  • Skin Contact
      Use gloves when using the material. Clean hands and skin using hand cleaners, followed by washing.
  • Eye Contact
      Wash with copious amount of clean water and seek immediate medical treatment.
  • Flammability
      Esposil is non flammable.


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