Esmac PR

Esmac PR - Insta Pothole Filler

is a mix of carefully chosen fine aggregates, cement and polymeric binder. This mix possesses the capacity to fix potholes on a SOS basis under all weather conditions.

Fact sheet

  • Esmac PR is available in one standard grade for repair of potholes over 10 mm in depth and is packed in 50 kgs bag.
  • Where deep holes are to be repaired, it is economical to first compact approximately 20 mm Esmac PR across bottom of hole, then fill remaining cavity with 6/10 mm chippings well compacted and top with 20 mm Esmac PR as a final course.
  • For large repairs/overlays, using a roller will ensure smooth/even compaction. Do not use plate compacter.
  • Minimum shelf life is 10 months in bags. Tightly close part used packs for future use.
  • Preparation prior to repair is minimal. For optimum results standing water / oil / loose debris is removed from area, but where this has proved impossible, repairs have always remained in excellent condition.
  • Esmac PR is not effected by extremes of heat (+60°c) cold (-40°c) snow /ice /frost / rain at the time of repair and subsequently.
  • Esmac PR is formulated to withstand heavy and continuous traffic impact from moment of repair for many years.
  • Esmac PR has great adhesion, does not contract, has no liquid/aggregate separation and remains flexible throughout cure time which is depended on traffic weight, temperature etc. There is no fire, safety or health hazard associated with Esmac PR.
  • Esmac PR should be stored at temperature, above 19°c and for ease of usage be maintained above zero temperatures until applied.
  • Coverage - approximately (metre² X 20 mm per 25 kg). Bulk density 1.80 gm/cc.


Esmac PR mix provides instant relief to road engineers since the mix can address road failures on a SOS basis. i.e., clean the pothole, open the mix bag, pour the mix, compact with rammer and immediately allow for traffic.

Usage area

Potholes | Utility Cuts | Depression | Bridge expansion joint | Drain and Manhole around | Car parks | Drive way | Playground | Residential complex | Industrial areas

Pothole contribution

Wasted fuels | Jerks | Plying delays | Accidents | Loss of ex-chequer revenues

Say no to

Cutting out | Mixing | Heating | Accidents | Loss of ex-chequer revenues

Esmac PR vis-a-vis competition

All cold mixes are not like or close to Esmac PR mix. Esmac PR mix is designed with carefully chosen aggregate cement and propriety binder to offer convenience to road engineer and its performance ensures value for money to the user on long term basis.

While making a buying decision do exercise caution and reason. Kindly check at your end on the below stated attributes:

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